Colon screening and Colonoscopy in Phoenix, AZ

What is Colonoscopy? At What age should I have this test?

Colonoscopy is a screening test for colon cancer. It is an imaging test of the colon for detection of abnormalities using a colonoscope. However, It is an invasive procedure and takes about 20-30 minutes. Additionally, colonoscopy diagnoses colon cancer and colon polyps and many other colorectal conditions like infections, hemorrhoids and causes of colon bleeding. Colonoscopy is usually performed under light anesthesia.

Another key point, all major societies recommend colonoscopy starting at the age of 45 years and it used to be 50 years in the past. You can contact your PCP for a referral or contact Dr Singh for the routine colonoscopy screening procedure in Phoenix, AZ.

Is Colon Cancer Incidence increasing in young age?

In general, Colon cancer commonly affects population age 65 years or older but recently incidence has been rising in younger population from age 20 years to 49 years. Few facts are 

  1. New Cases of colorectal cancer are decreasing overall because of increasing colon cancer screening and change in lifestyle and diet.

        2. Deaths from Colon cancer are decreasing 

        3. Five year survival is improving 

What are other test options if I don’t want a colonoscopy? Are they equally effective as Colonoscopy?

There are several colon cancer screening tests available. Particularly, they include Fecal or stool testing, sigmoidoscopy, stool DNA tests, CT colonography and blood tests. But colonoscopy is by far the best screening test because of many reasons. Colonoscopy can detect polyps and cancers. Colorectal surgeons can also remove the polyps at the same time, so it prevents cancer formation.

What are other reasons to get a colonoscopy?

Undeniably, you should consider colonoscopy for various other reasons which include:

  1. Change in bowel habits means something has changed in your routine like diarrhea, constipation, narrowing of stool caliber, difficulty passing stool or feeling of a blockage.
  2. Change in the color of stool.
  3. Bleeding from rectum. Unquestionably, no bleeding is normal and all rectal bleeding needs evaluation. 
  4. New onset of rectal or abdominal pain.
  5. Unintentional loss of weight or appetite.
  6. Anemia 

Does Dr Singh perform screening Colonoscopy in Phoenix? What kind of prep works best?

Yes, Dr Singh performs colonoscopy for the screening and diagnostic reasons. He performs this procedure on a regular basis at different locations in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale locations. Being a Colorectal surgeon there are many advantages of performing a colonoscopy. Colorectal surgeons are trained to perform this procedure and most of the colorectal surgeons perform it a routine procedure on daily basis like other physicians. However, a major advantage is that they can remove large and small polyps and treat many other conditions like hemorrhoids and anorectal problems. Also, if a surgical intervention is needed for any polyps or cancer or any other colorectal condition then it can be performed by the colorectal surgeons.

Additionally, to answer question about the preparation there are different kind of preps which can be golytely, tablets or different prescription based preps. Most patients tolerate it very well. Lastly, please discuss with your colorectal surgeon if you have any experience with any type of prep in the past or if you have any preference.

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