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A Rectocele is a condition in which the rectal wall bulges through the posterior wall of the vagina. Most patients can present as they feel a bulge in the vaginal area and they feel like something is coming out from the vagina. The common reason is because of weakening of the wall between the rectum and the vagina and weakening of the muscles of the pelvis. Additionally, it can be secondary to aging, vaginal deliveries, constipation and straining and other previous surgeries in the surrounding areas.

Symptoms And Signs of Rectocele

However, most patients with this condition present with just a bulge through the vaginal wall as described above and usually they have no other symptoms. They present it as annoying. Other common symptoms include difficulty with the bowel movements especially evacuation of the stool and feeling of incomplete emptying. Besides, you may have difficulty passing the stool and sometime may have to use a support with their finger into the vaginal wall or perineal area for stool evacuation. Occasionally, you may have a pain in the pelvic area and pain during sexual intercourse.

Diagnosis And Treatment of Rectocele

Another key point, diagnosis is usually made by clinical and physical examination in the office. Other tests including a colonoscopy or a defecography test are helpful to confirm the diagnosis. Most of the rectoceles are asymptomatic and do not require any surgical intervention. Medical modalities include use of high-fiber diet and pelvic floor or kegel exercises. Another key point, surgical intervention is required if the symptoms are significant and failure of medical management. Surgery involves reinforcement of the rectal vaginal wall/ septum with or without placement of a mesh.

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